The Key Point

Keys. They get us into places while keeping others out; that's the general idea, anyway. And as we get more responsibilities and more entrusted in our lives, we get more places we're allowed into ... hence, more keys.

At this point, I have three completely different sets of keys, each consisting of several themselves:

House: keytag (RFID tag), outside door, inside door, mailbox.
Scooter: scooter ignition, U-lock (for back wheel), discbrake lock (for front), garage remote.
Work: alarm tag (RFID tag), main entrydoor, office-side entry, lab-side lock.

10 keys. I mean, that's a lot of keys, and a lot of them aren't those skinny little metal ones, either. Some have big honkin' black rubber handle parts, which makes them (1) as thick as three regular keys, and (2) not lie flat against each other on the keyring.

It's getting overwhelming to have to carry around all these keys with me. After all, I like to travel light, and I'm not a janitor! What to do? Help!


Rich and Angel said...

Well, you know how when you were just a kid and you'd look at your dad's key wallet and there's be twenty keys in it and you couldn't understand why anyone would need more than two keys? Now you know. You're becoming a grown-up.

That's just like my fat wallet post. Why do you need 10 different credit cards?

Kevin said...

I'm the same. I think the best solution is to throw away those keys and just bring bobby pins and lock-pickers' tools.

Ce said...

just get a skeleton key that'll open all locks/doors. done.

Ben said...

So, what, you all just carry all your keys on one big loop wherever you go?? And then what do you do, hook it on your overalls beltloop while you drag the mop and bucket down the hall or something?

Anyone with average intelligence or higher has to have figured out a way to do this more space-efficiently. Right now, I try to leave my work keys in my scooter trunk, because I would rarely (if ever) go to work any other way. But both the scooter keys and housekeys stay with me all the time -- and that's already enough to drive me up the wall.

What are your brilliant solutions (as opposed to the other ones offered thus far)?

Rich and Angel said...

Sorry...can't think of any brilliant ideas other than for you to become a janitor or start carrying a crowbar with you everywhere you go.

Time to buy a key wallet. That's as flat as it will go.