Sweaty McSweaterson

As the weather gets increasingly warmer -- despite us passing the longest day of the year -- I think there's something I should tell you.

I sweat. A lot.

Not a ton, but not like average Taiwanese girls either (which is practically none at all). And as I spend more time here, I start to notice that sweating isn't just sweating; we all tend to sweat in different places.

Me, I'm a nose-sweater. The first beads usually find themselves on the bottom half of my nose -- and by bottom half, I mean the bulbous part, not the underside where the nostrils are happily shaded from sweltering sunshine. Runner-up in the sweat race is my upper lip, and my forehead rounds up the gold-silver-bronze finish.

I figured I had myself figured out: no sweat, I know my sweating habits. But just last weekend, I discovered that I have a third outwardly-visible sweat zone: the outside of my forearms. And really, it's just on the lower half (the thinner part that is nearer the hand). Dunno why I never noticed it before.

Okay, now you.


Kevin said...

I'm not really a big sweater myself. For the most part, if I do sweat from the weather being hot, it's a fairly uniform layer over my entire body. The only place that seems to be more noticable is on my upper thighs -- but I probably notice that more than anywhere else because it makes my pants stick when I walk.

Cyrus said...

i sweat a lot out of my head, which is probably why God gave me thick bushy eyebrows so that it doesn't get into my eyes, but some times it doesn't work and it just comes rushing down. i also sweat a lot on my chest. sometimes it makes a heart pattern if i wear a dark t-shirt. girls think its cute.

Anonymous said...

I also discovered my sweaty self, when I was living in Japan. The problem is, when Asians like us who don't grow up in the humid Asian climate go and live there, we start sweating like crazy. I even found that when I got to the comfort of the air-conditioned office in the morning, I was still sweating for hours after that! On the weekends, I finally broke down and adapted a common 'ghetto' technique to deal with the sweat - a sweat-rag slung around my neck. Not only could I prevent sweat from building around my neck, I could wipe my face every other second to try and appear somewhat normal. People might laugh at the sweat-rag, but hey, they're just jealous!

Kevin said...

I can attest to Cy's sweaty heart. I think it's cute too. Sometimes it makes me want to get close and rub my face up on it.

Cyrus said...

see kev...don't you MISS that? :P

Ben said...

I think I need to revise my original post for a second: seems that sometimes my upper lip sweats first before the nose part.

That's all. As you were.