Watched my first movie in Taiwan last night: Mr. & Mrs. Smith. Surprisingly entertaining, but it was a bit of a cheesy ending. Quick arms workout, then MOS Burger, and a movie. Not a bad weeknight, especially after having done nearly nothing at work the whole day, because I was sick. (I'm still sick. Coughed up 4 lungs and counting.)

In other news, American Express gave me a credit card here in Taiwan, yay! And even without a guarantor, which is rare, because I'm considered a foreigner here (and higher-risk of running off or something). Limit's a little high for my taste -- I like to keep it low on purpose -- but it's nice not to depend on cash -on-hand all the time. Most importantly, of course, it rounds out my collection of Amex cards: Amex Costco (USA), Amex Blue (Canada), Amex Gold (Taiwan).

And I'm still sitting here patiently waiting for my Amex Black Card invitation. Any day now.

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