I have internet. Oh, the glory!

So now I have 4 software updates to install, 2 months of emails to download, and 5 or 6 photo albums to upload. Great.

And I need a big-ass powerstrip to house my networking hardware so that I can surf from the comfort of the toilet, and then IM with my friends, my location unbeknownst to them.


Anonymous said...

BEN! eeeww! Well, they will know where you're IM-ing if they read this blog! eek!

Nk said...

Is there wireless, too? =D

Momcy said...

Ben, Ben, what are we going to do with you????

Ben said...

So now when I blog, you can all just imagine me sitting butt-nekkid on the crapper, pounding out ... a blog entry.

Wireless wasn't there yesterday, but it's up today in a temporary setup. I have to rewire all the router stuff and add my VoIP phone in there as well. But not until after I buy a surge protected powerstrip -- don't trust Taiwan to provide clean power to my home.

Speed tests showed only about 1MB/69k (down/up) -- those bastards are supposed to give me 2MB/256k! I'm going to test it over the next few days and then b!tch to them if I don't start seeing some serious net speed.

Now I need an Airport Express.

hougee said...

comfort of the toilet ehh.. :P how comfortable is that comparing to other spots at home.. hee hee

Ben said...

The toilet is where I can lose the most weight in the shortest period of time. Couple that with the ability to send messages to my friends there, and the short distance to the fridge, it's a wonder why I ever leave that throne to roam the rest of my kingdom.

Oh yeah, because I can't see the TV from there.