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shutchobitchassup: shət'-chō-bĭ'-chăs-əp. (pronounciation key)
v. intr.

1. to stop speaking; silence.
2. to cease creating verbal noises immediately.
3. to zip it.
4. shhh, with force.

[ derived from Old English, shut thou up, from Ebonics, bitch ass. ]


"damn you! i expect u to fly yo' bitch'ass over here"

"she schooled ya, huh, 'playa'!"

Just doing my little bit to enrich your education.


DaRaddishman said...

hey man, shutyobitchassup.


Momcy said...

Okay, guys, we Chinese don't talk like this!!! It reflexes to our culture "Up-bring". Right Ben?

lena said...

I consider myself a refined lady and therefore ALWAYS use "shut thou up". :) lol :)

Rose said...

Thanks Ben, that brought a smile to my face. =)

Ce said...


Ce said...

Literally, that is.