Chock Full

Weekend was fun. Interesting fun. Here's a rather dry-in-comparison recap:

I started it off with a quick trip to the gym Friday evening -- gotta vent off the work frustrations -- and then a visit to Brass Monkey for their Canada Day celebration. Mostly a bunch of white people (and us) celebrating the birthday of our home nation. Even a poorly-organized boatrace by people who were already half boozed up. Fun to watch, though.

Saturday was another workout, and BodyCombat class. This is only the second time I've ever attended one of these Taebo-style aerobic classes, probably because I don't like losing that much fluid in an hour. Surprisingly (to me), I was able to keep up with the aerobic part; it was just the coordination part that kept getting the best of me.

Dinner at the newly-opened Macaroni Grill (which was alright) -- they apparently source their ingredients from exactly the same suppliers as the USA chain locations do, but they've limited the menu selection. Of course, you can't go to Macaroni Grill without ordering the Leaning Bellini. :-) (Milestone's and Cactus Club bellinis are better, though, in my opinion.)

Nighttime was clubbing at M.I.N.T. which was awesome fun. Haven't gone dancing in a long time, and (though the music and mixing were poor-to-okay) it was a welcome change in my normal boring life routine. Drinking to a slight buzz helped that along nicely.

Sunday was largely with family; gave my dad-side relatives a tour of my home, then lunch in a nearby restaurant, and a tour of my office afterwards. Nice to get together with family every so often, and to play with our niece. Then dinner and a breezy scooter ride home ... before falling asleep on the sofa with the TV on.

This is quickly becoming the usual way that I fall asleep now. Not a particularly good sign.


Ben said...

I forgot to add a big one: I got my microwave (looks like this) on Saturday. Now I can buy food and reheat it again after it is cold! And coupled with the fridge, I can now make foods hot or cold nearly on demand! Ah, the luxuries of modern life.

Next up: find a Korean grocery store to buy kimchi, some marinades, and then I can start searing some pork/beef slices to wrap in lettuce. :-)

And then my crepe pan needs to be brought from Vancouver, and I can start making leisurely Sunday breakfasts again.

Kevin said...

I agree. It was a good weekend. Very full. Lots of eating. Some drinking. Lots of socializing. Glad to have had it.