Life's a Beach

Things I learned this weekend at the beach.

- Ocean saltwater is nasty tasting, and no matter how long you're in the water, you can't get accustomed to its intrusive taste.
- Sand can sear your feet to a beautiful golden brown, with or without oil.
- There are some freakishly skinny people who apparently don't need space for their internal organs. These are the same people who favour Speedos.
- Even girls who are in great shape will find something to complain about their bodies. This will be met with scorn and "shut up" from the other girls.
- Ocean water makes people have boogers. It's okay, it just happens.
- Damn, I am white. As in, I look like I belong in computer camp or science camp or something.
- Floating around on a bodyboard waiting for a wave during a completely waveless day isn't half bad anyhow.
- People actually like iced tea that's been diluted with 2 parts water, a concoction I whipped up originally just for me.
- Sand gets everywhere. And days later, I will still be finding sand lodged in interesting and altogether uncomfortable places.
- Girls freely compliment each others' breasts. Somehow, it's not quite as acceptable for a guy to do it, though.
- Summer heat and a cooler full of Smirnoff Ice and Taiwan Beer makes the day go by just great. But damn that marketing, maybe it could have been just slightly better if we had some Coronas. With lime.
- SPF30 applied throughout the day still leaves opportunity for the sun to burn me to a crisp.

Life's a beach, but then you have to work the next day.


Ce said...

I wanna go! I wanna go! I love the beach.

Kevin said...

I concur.

I shall also add the amazing discovery that 2L water bottles are fire hydrant-equivalent in the eyes of dogs in need of a pee break.