The Skinny on Skinny

I noticed that with girls here, there's skinny and then there's skinny.

First, there's skinny. This is the natural skinny that many Taiwanese girls enjoy. It's some kind of metabolic overdrive that's built into their genetics so they can eat whatever they please and do whatever junk they like to their bodies, and nothing will change their figure. They don't have to work at it at all, and never give it a second thought. (Girls who want to be skinny but do not have this kind of skinny, hate girls who do; it's a well-documented scientific fact.)

Then there's skinny. This is the skinny that didn't come naturally; it came through primping and prepping. These girls work hard to be skinny, and have to keep at it. They may not be the type to just balloon up to Big Berthas, but they have a certain body shape they like to keep, so they pay attention.

In my view, the former skinny doesn't look as toned, mainly because they don't have to exercise to get that thin. And because the muscles don't get used -- I mean really used, not just to hold up a mobile phone to the ear -- that skinny also doesn't have the "healthy glow" of the latter skinny. The girls in the second group usually display better posture and when they move, you can be sure their body is actually under their control ... as opposed to skinny 1, where it seems like they might be on the edge of falling all the time.

I much prefer the latter. Much prefer.

Oh, I lied. There's skinny, a third one, an exaggerated first skinny, where you can practically count all the ribs ... even when she's wearing a sweater. I won't even go there because, well damn, that's kind of nasty.


Anonymous said...

what about us non skinny girls? I'm tall and healthy. How does that fit into your idea of "Asian Skinny"? Sometimes I feel less Asian because I am not small and petite. Not fishing for compliments but just saying.. skinny is not always good... enjoying life, doing fun activites is more important than if I can fit into size 4 or 2 or 0 jeans. Do you factor in wheather these "naturally skinny " girls can help you move your furniture or if the "gym rats" have time for anyone else in there schedule of working out? ---- KT

I sound defensive but... what about us bigger (not fat, just taller and with more muscle that average Asian) girls? Are we less feminine?

Nk said...

I'm with KT. I definitely do not fall into those skinny categories. Into any "skinny" category, in fact. I'm not exactly fit either, but I'm working on that one.

"Just because" I swim, hike, play volleyball and join company sporting events, I've been pegged the sporty type. People do a double-take when I wear a skirt/dress to work. Yeesh. <rolls eyes>

Ben said...

Whoa now. I didn't say I only like skinny girls; I meant that of the two/three types I mentioned, I prefer the fitter kind that requires some working for.

Some guys really have it in for skinny girls; I'm not one of them. I rather my girl have some muscle and build (but not a big muscular build); definitely rather she be able to move some furniture than none at all! And she doesn't have to be a gym rat as long as she's into some kind of physical activity.

And sporty / skinny doesn't mean anything with respect to femininity, in my book.

There. There's my disclaimer.

Anonymous said...

you amaze me sometimes but then again im not suprised because you use an exfoliator...

anyways, what amazes me is that a guy is actually commenting on the levels of skinny for asian girls. i have never ever heard of guys talking about levels of skinny.

i for one love food and will continue to love it, however, i find the time to workout everyday and sometimes i go for evening walks which is 30 minutes but still, i think we all should consider our bodies a temple and take care of what we do to it....

Momcy said...

Ha Ha Ha! Ben, you are DEAD!!! Shot by the girls!