Lording instead of Serfing

If I had a hundred grand (USD) to invest for four years, I know I could probably be well on my way to being a wealthy career landowner. But alas, the lack of initial capital makes it difficult for us regular folk to get up that slope.

Like Sand

Wow, it's easy to let the days slip by, being all busy just doing odds and ends that you never got around to doing before. It's easy to suddenly look back and find that two weeks of great weather -- my favourite time of the year, in fact -- have ellipsed without much "real" progress. It's time to hanker down and try to be productive again.

One thing I've learned is that it's lonely when you have all day free ... and none of your friends do.

Another thing is, I guess I still do tie my "worth in society" to having a regular job function ... which right now is ... nothing.


We got creamed today at darts. So I stuck around for an hour of rapid-fire practice until I felt more consistent in my accuracy. It's been a while since I've felt that passionate about excelling at something, and it's kind of refreshing, really.


Can't help it, but here's a (definitely non-exhaustive) list of things I'd like to see at the expense of people I don't know:

- Some kid walking down the street so engrossed in playing his DS lite or Gameboy or PSP that he smacks into a telephone pole or post sign. Or heck, even a building pillar -- I'm not picky.

- Some guy or girl talking on his/her mobile phone while riding the scooter -- and holding the phone in his hand too -- get into an accident. Not fatal, just face-marring, and possibly injuring their hearing in that phone ear.

- People who play underhanded office politics get dealt some of their own medicine.

- Parents who don't watch their kids, lose them in a crowded place for a few frightful minutes, and then find them later (because hey, I'm not that mean).

- Dangerous scooters (usually on pimped out rides with neon/blue lights and loud exhausts) lose control of their bike and total them. One or two broken limbs (which I do sincerely hope will heal in the future) also appreciated.

- People in service roles (bank tellers, kiosk girls, salespeople) who don't know their own services well enough, get all the tough customers and deep questions and force them to study what they're selling ... or decide that's not the line of work for them.

Okay, you chime in with some of your own while I go run some errands. Weather's great!

Free Time, NIN

I noticed some things:

I clip my fingernails differently when using my right hand (to clip my left hand nails) and my left hand (on the right hand nails).

I usually clip my fingernails, then clip my toenails, and then file my fingernails with the nailfile / emeryboard. But I don't file my toenails.

The Lag

I can't sleep.

What A Diff'rence A Day Makes

I got back into Taipei last night after 13.5 + 1.5 hours in the air. The Taiwanese government had announced that tomorrow (October 9) would be a holiday so that everyone could have a five-day weekend, in exchange for working next Saturday instead, but our company would have to show up to work because the director was flying in from Germany.

So I get all decked out in my suit for the 9am (sharp) meeting, and I'm there at 8:35am to sync emails and get all settled in. And what do I get?

Let go.


I'm pretty tired from this vacation. Will blog more (and backdate) when I'm all done flying around the continent.