Like Sand

Wow, it's easy to let the days slip by, being all busy just doing odds and ends that you never got around to doing before. It's easy to suddenly look back and find that two weeks of great weather -- my favourite time of the year, in fact -- have ellipsed without much "real" progress. It's time to hanker down and try to be productive again.

One thing I've learned is that it's lonely when you have all day free ... and none of your friends do.

Another thing is, I guess I still do tie my "worth in society" to having a regular job function ... which right now is ... nothing.


head dump said...

well, I'll be in Taiwan by Jan. hopefully you'll have a job by then, but if not, can I hire you as a tour guide?

I'm a Rich Man said...

You want my recruiting contacts?

James said...

I've always wondered what it would be like not to have a job to pass the time away. I think I'd do the exact same thing I do at work, surf the web all day and read my emails.