The Blogs We Love

Thanks for dropping by; nice to see you here. My question to you today is, what blogs do you read on a regular basis? Which are your favourites, and why? And what do you consider a "regular basis"? This is not an ego search to see if mine comes up in your list (though I hope it does).

[ Oh yeah, and for those of you who have blogs, could you please get RSS on it so my newsreader can pick it up instead of me trying to load your whole blog page before seeing that you haven't even bothered updating it since forever?? Thanks. ]


Anonymous said...

hmmm... well, there's you ben! :) But, I usually check everyone on my little blog list about once a day or every other day. sometimes i'll check 'em a few times/day if I know that person post multiple times or if I want to read the comments throughout the day. some days allow for more lazy time too. :)

Momcy said...

I like to read all comments on a regular basis (every day) and sometimes I wish I didn't. I know I can always count on you to read mine. :) Cin always said nobody is interest in reading "Shopping at Zellers! I think she is talking about me! So, topic, age, hobbie would attract more readers?? I like to read about HG's new shoes. Hee hee! Kevin's complains, fricking out over the insects/bugs! Ben's erupted mind!

Van said...

all the ones on my links on my page.

Ben said...

I check the blogs that are on my list (to the right, there) at least once a day on weekday mornings. Usually within minutes of sitting at my computer, I open my Firefox and select my "Blogs" bookmark, then "Open in Tabs" ... and voila, I get something like 12-13 tabs all loading up! At home, I have the same setup, but in Safari on my Mac instead.

I read at least once a day, and if there's an active comment thread (or if I'm really bored), I will revisit again in the afternoon. Depends.

S said...

I'm curious, are you using Bloglines?

Momcy said...

I'm curious, is your computer in the bathroom?! Are u sitting on the toilet while you are blogging?! Ha Ha!

Rose said...

My favs are:
Waiter Rant
Princess Taj
EMOB (Emily's)
81 Vaginas, A Pillow Blog

I read these because they are fun and very addictive. Esp. Waiter Rant & Princess Taj. Plus, I'd like to know what Ben's doing all the way on the other side of the world. The links are on my blog.

Ben said...

I'm not using Bloglines. I'm not even sure what Bloglines is, but unless it involves a straw and a mirror and some rockstars ... I'm open to trying it. ;-)

No, you've not yet had the privilege of reading one of my on-the-throne blogs yet. One day you will, and I won't even tell you when it is.

Kevin Cheng said...

bloglines is a web RSS reader. it also can be used as a "blogroll" so that the list of blogs on the right can instead be dynamic and show the most recently updated ones at the top.

most of the blogspot ones now DO have rss btw. at least 3 of the ones you mentioned are on my rss reader. they're using Atom mind you but well, most good readers can read atom now.

i can't answer your question because i have too many in my feed. i need to reorganize actually. i could just send you the OPML file =p

Kevin Cheng said...

y'know momcy's comment made me think ... having a waterproof screen with updated blogs in the shower would be kick ass! all you need are scroll buttons. that way you can't be distracted and end up taking 3hr showers because you clicked everywehre.