Unintentional Arm Workout

I remember back when I had my Civic, all the windows were manual. You had to roll them down with your arm, each one at a time. I remember how the only window I could adjust on the fly was the driver side one; that was it. If I wanted I would have to wait until my car was stopped at a light, lean and reach way over to the right side, and frantically roll the passenger side window down to the desired height for air flow. Because if I got it wrong, I got blustering wind, or had to endure more summer heat, since I had no air conditioning.

And I'd have to put up with it until the next red light.

I quickly found the "settings" for an optimum summer driving breeze: driver side halfway down, and the passenger side all open, with the sunroof completely open. On my Civic, that was where cool winds, warm sun, and good music met and mixed in the perfect blend.

Heck, do they even make cars with manual windows anymore??

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