Twist of Fate

I woke up like I did any other Saturday morning, and hit the treadmill to the soothing sounds of FoodTV, got lazy, and cut my run about 5 minutes short. And eggs and ham for breakfast. Yeah, nothing special.

oh, this is gonna be a doozy of a storm!But what was unusual was the contact made to me nearer noon. Someone unexpectedly messaged me, with an unsaid purpose -- but only small talk began. I braced for the news, bunkering against the pending lightning and thunder, expecting the worst.

Strangely, no such storm came. No heavy rains to drench me to the bone, no torrents of winds to slam me against walls and rid me slowly of my will to live. Instead, pleasant news. Ironically, it was an announcement that the worst of the storms were indeed over, and that the skies would eventually clear up, allowing the sun to shine once again.

I was ecstatically relieved. And pleased. A shadow of doom had been lifted.

It was like ... when you're showering with the curtain drawn, and you hear that creak of a door opening and you see the outline of a person holding some kind of sharp object in their hand in that scary stabbing position, and suddenly in your head is that repetitive screeching violin chord that means someone in the movie is going to die. And when you thrust the shower curtain open, ready to meet thy doom, you discover it's a huge, happy, furry rabbit offering you a bag of delicious candies that you loved as a child.

It was like that.

Like when there's this Tupperware in the back corner of your fridge with old food in it, and you've known that it's been there for quite a while, but somehow never get around to cleaning it out, and it just gets older and has that menacing feeling hanging over you. When you finally have the guts to open it and throw out its contents, you're scared that what you open will bubble up at you with nasty stenches and multi-coloured furry mold, but when you finally tear the cover up, there's a perfectly medium-rare filet mignon slathered in a beautiful red wine reduction over top.

Yeah, like that. Kind of a nice way to start the weekend.