Blonde, Hot and Bothered

After some initial pondering, I've concluded that California is definitely not the best place to have a convertible, especially in the unseasonably hot weather we've been having of late (30+ degrees).

is that license plate legal?But you certainly wouldn't know it from those gorgeous, Hollywood-glorified blondes from Los Angeles. With their shiny manes and sun-golden tans, TV and movies would have you believe that they are commonly found driving around SoCal in a sporty luxury convertible on a hot summer's day! (These ladies are also typically single, carefree, and openly flirtatious with any boys along the drive. Supposedly.)

But when the mercury rises, leather seats get hot. I mean hot, like egg-frying hot. So you can imagine the impossibility of girls jumping into their cars without searing their booty roasts (lightly brushed in suntan oil). And the sun bearing down with its broiling heat makes being in direct sunlight almost unbearable -- how do you stand it, when people are continually seeking shade? The movies / shows also don't show you the next day, when they're red as lobsters, skin starting to peel off their noses and foreheads. Or even twenty years later, when you see the leathery sun-damaged skin of such ex-beauties.

But I digress. The point is, I'll bet that Vancouver and Seattle are more ideal for convertible driving than SF or LA. Yeah. That's all I have to say about that.