Commonly Found

I've always wondered what the difference was between "perverse" and "perverted". (That is, so I know which to be offended from more, when someone called me one of those.) In my search, I came across an interesting site presented by Paul Brian that lists some common errors in English. (In many cases, you can find these exhibited by AOL users.)

His website shows a bunch of examples of how people today make mistakes in the language, even when they seem educated and comfortable with extended diction. For instance, lay/lie, myriad of, assure/ensure/insure, and complement/compliment (complementary/complimentary). Even conversate is covered there, which is so commonly used on a local radio station that it drives me up the wall. And though we've been programmed to believe that gotten is not proper English, it actually is!

After all, this, I still question the difference between perverse and perverted -- it wasn't there. I believe I'm neither, but ya never know.

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