All Torn Up

Consider, for example, one of those soy sauce packets from the local Chinese takeout place.

When you tear a package open, you generally put your thumbs and forefingers together somewhere along the serrated edge in the packaging. (If you're lucky, your packet might have that little cut in it that's pre-started for your convenience.)

Now imagine yourself tearing that packet open, by gripping and separating your hands. Which hand tore backwards (towards your body) and which tore forward (away from you)?


Ben said...

I tend to make the tear in the top-left corner of the ketchup / soy sauce / whatever packet (to make a little spout with which to squeeze out the goodness inside). And when I tear, I pull towards me with the left hand (corner piece) while pushing away with my right hand (rest of the packet).

Your turn.

Ting said...

I tear the top right corner...left hand holds the packet while right hand pushes away to tear...hmmmmm...I wonder what that means about me

Dooey said...

I'm a leftie, so that may have all the world to do with it, but it's top right with left hand pulling toward me and right hand tearing away. Normally.