1 + 1 = 2

She's in a flurry, running around the apartment, getting ready to go out with her friends. Late again, I imagine. I continue casually stirfrying some ground pork with vegetables. She approaches me hurriedly, pulling a $20 bill halfway out of her purse.

"Do you have change for a $20? Two 10's?"
"Hmmm ... let me go check."

I leave the pan on simmer, wipe my hands and get my wallet. A $10 bill, some wrinkly $1's, and a few $20 bills. I reach the end of the folded bills without finding enough to make another $10 for her.

a ten dollar bill. just one."Nope, sorry, I just have this $10."
"Okay, never mind then."
"Well, do you just need the ten for now? You can borrow this and pay me back later. No big deal."

She pondered whether that might help her cause.

"Um, maybe. Do you have another $10?"

I look at her with the single $10 still clutched in my hand. I couldn't decide whether to just stare at her incredulously, or to laugh out loud. I chose the latter.

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