Told You I Called It

Ha. I knew it.

Apparently, these two folks from HQ were sent to our location not just to help with sales by leveraging their personal connections in the market -- which, by the way, they try to remind us of constantly by naming dropping at every possible opportunity. They also had ulterior motives, like a full evaluation of the staff here (which always starts off with a negative view, doesn't it) and then to perform some "clean up".

And then I found out that me and those two, we each have different "direct reports" in the company -- I don't know how/why that happened. Possibly because there's a rumour about a shake-up all the way up to the Directors' level (in HQ), so everyone has a bunch of their own motives and ... well, after that, it's about spinning things "your way".

And you all know how I feel about politics.

It feels like "Office Space", except I didn't have the pleasure of being hypnotised into calmness. I have to be here directing the professional location photographers for our new brochure until 8pm. And then after that, have dinner and drinks with these conniving colleagues, and try to figure out their game.

I suppose I am at some risk in this bullsh!t, but I don't know how much I really care about that. I think part of it is the pride I'm trying to keep about it. Of course, I had a phone interview two days ago for a different possible position anyhow, but still.

I just want to go home.

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