It's Monday and I'm feeling extra slow this morning. I mean, slower than I normally am anytime, slower than I normally am in the mornings, and even slower than I am on the particularly slow Monday mornings. I'm so slow this morning that I haven't even been able to coherently string together sentences in Chinese. And these aren't even difficult sentences I'm trying to conjure up, but they just aren't coming out. (But my English seems to be okay still.)

The weekend was mostly R&R.

Slept through Saturday afternoon, hit up Costco, and enjoyed an awesome BBQ at my cousin's place, and then darts at a pub until 2am (while nursing my fruit tea and avoiding all alcohol). (Side note: had to completely deconstruct my darts technique to try to learn it the right way.)

Slept through Sunday noon, watched Superman Returns, and then dinner at a famous Chinese hotpot place. (As with such restaurants, your clothes will bring the aromas back home with you, long after you've lost all desire to smell it any more.) Then vegged at home watching Lucky Number Slevin and crawled into bed.

Oh, you know what, though ...

It could be that I had a 12-hour workday on Friday, followed by a dinner meeting with head-office folks which I thought would actually be a dinner meeting, but instead turned out to be a pre-meditated plot to lure me out for a night of unwanted coworker bonding: basically just heavy drinking at bars I didn't like with people I didn't want to be with. I'm too old to properly recover from a long night of double gin-n-tonics and shots of Belvedere, all after a few bottles of sake and Kirin.

After that, the weekend R&R was all I could do to get my braincells back to life. But apparently, it isn't working.

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Princess Taj said...

OHHH it was so the drinking - at this point, if I drink on a Friday night, I don't feel normal again until at least Sunday afternoon.

Growing old blows.