Food, Drink, Music

So yesterday, after the whole taxi experience, we managed to make our way to famed Shanghainese restaurant 新吉士 (XinJiShi). This is one that even the locals acclaim (if they can afford to eat there), and there's no argument for me about that. The food was fantastic, including some fried prawns and chicken under a thick layer of red chili peppers, special braised pork in brown sauce, salted chicken, and tons of others that I can't remember right now (but took macro pictures of). Cost per person was 200RMB; good food, but ouch on the value.

Anyway, stuffed with great food and lots of beer, we hobbled our way around 新天地 (XinTianDi) in search of some night entertainment. There's actually a lot less choice than they'd have you believe, and we finally decided upon jazz lounge CJW (Cigar-Jazz-Wine) where we watched Joan Cartwright perform live. I didn't think she was that great. (Or, giving her the benefit of the doubt, maybe she wasn't used to the sound system and acoustic setup of the place.)

Somewhere around 11:30pm, I was tired from the long day and started nodding off. In the lounge. It was around then that everyone decided to call it a night.

Sidenote: shortly after we started our meal, 林志穎 (Jimmy) and his crew took the table next to us. I only vaguely remember what he looks like, but some of the others in our group confirmed it.


Rose said...

COOL!! You had a celebrity siting! I wish I could have gone there to eat, I ate mostly home cooked stuff when I was in SH (and street yummies). =)

Ben said...

I tried to slyly take a photo of them (in the background of my friend), but it didn't turn out too good.