Weapon of Choice

Fewer mosquito rants this year than last, but it doesn't mean they've just upped and disappeared. I'm still getting the occasional bite while sitting in my underwear at home, and am starting to come to grips with the fact that it's just a part of Taiwanese life. Heck, I might even be healing a little quicker than last year!

For now, I have my little electric tennis racket of death, ready at the kill for them now at home. So let's turn our attention to after the bite.

What remedies do you have for mosquito bites?

I think most of us have heard of soothing calomine lotion to get rid of that itch. My friend even told me about using antiperspirant on it to stop the itch! Of course, it doesn't always work: that's when we try to thwart the definition of scratching that itch by creative means!
What else did you used to do to make mosquito bites more bearable??

You know what I'm talking about; you're probably guilty of it, too. Scratching with one finger on either side of the bite? Yeah, because then you're not actually scratching the bite, just around it. (Like that's better.) Or even resorting to the fingernail-cross, where you dig a nail right across the bite's Ground Zero and then lay another one in the other direction, making a little plus sign of scratching rest.


Anonymous said...

What about slapping the itch area? See, slapping is not really itching/scratching, but provides close to the same relief...but then if you had a bite on your face and you slapped that, then that might not leave a desirable effect...

S said...

Help is in sight! =)