Do Not Eat

You know that silica gel stuff that's always in our packs of stuff? Packs of stuff like some dried snacks. You know what I'm talking about? The little (typically) white pouch with (typically) faded blue printing on it.


They look like pop rocks, little white pebbles/crystals gleaming in the light. HowStuffWorks says that "Silica gel is nearly harmless, which is why you find it in food products". Huh, nearly harmless.

So, "do not eat" even though it's nearly harmless. With the curiousity of a young child, how nearly harmless is it? What happens if you eat it? Do you shrivel up like those vampires who have exposed themselves to the sun (by accident)? Or just get really really thirsty? Or feel like puking?

As I prep for my Shanghai trip, you try it. Let me know.


S said...
Although Silica Gel is harmless to use, non-toxic and totally safe, the phrase "Do Not Eat" printed on the packet is for good reason. If consumed in large quantities, it could dry up the liquid every human needs internally, and ultimatly [sic] kill you. Therefore, I suggest to stay away from eating this material. Another reason is that some kinds of Silica Gel contain Cobalt Chloride, which is proven to cause cancer. Silica dust can cause Silicosis, and other serious respitory [sic] problems. Since Silica Gel absorbs and holds other substances, it's possible it absorbed something harmful that would make it unsafe to eat. Although most of these situations are highly unlikely, I would play it safe and not eat the Silica Gel. The main reason it says "Do Not Eat" on the package, is so the company doesn't get sued. (Ever noticed that hairdryers say "Do not use while asleep?")


trish said...

my (stupid, stupid) dog just ate a packet. given, he can't read the "do not eat" label on it, but he could've listened to me when i told him to leave it alone. i had to take him to the vet, where his stomach was pumped and refilled with charcoal to absorb whatever was left, and now he's on antibiotics for the next 10 days. boo. have fun in shanghai.