While packing for my trip, it suddenly struck me that I've been using the same travel pack for some 5 years now. And mainly the same stuff in it -- I packed it the first time, and loaded it with some new things each trip, and when I get back, I only remove the stuff I need. Then the pack goes back in the cabinet until my next trip.

In the pack, there's usually your travel necessities: first aid, contact solution, compact versions of your normal toiletries. This includes medicines / ointments / antibiotics that are almost used up, or those little sample size kinds.

So anyway, I noticed that most of the meds in my travel bag are actually expired. And I don't mean expired like,

"Oh, I could have used it last week, but it's the 20th today so I better toss them."

I mean more like,
"Wait, I know it says July, but that year printing is kind of rubbed off. I think it got rubbed off from before I graduated."

Clearly, those have to go in the trash, but some things are more critical than others. To be honest, I still keep headache meds as long as they're not over six months expired, because I figure it's not such a big deal.

Where's your personal threshold for expired meds?

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