Shop? Nop.

About a week after we booked our tickets (to PVG via HKG), a commercial started airing on Taiwanese TV, touting the great deals to be had at the Hong Kong Shopping Festival. Score! It coincides with our trip!

Anyway, we're here now, but so far I haven't really been so enthralled in the deals that I've bought anything. There just aren't that many things I want to buy. So then I thought about what I really actually "need" to buy:

- casual walking shoes (like my brother's, but not)
- shell jacket (for when i'm riding and it gets chilly)
- runners for cross-training (for the gym or other)
- another pair of blue jeans (but slightly dressier)

That's pretty much it. That's pretty much all I want out of my Hong Kong stopover. Oh, and to see my friends, of course. And eat tons of delicious Cantonese food -- Taiwan's Cantonese style foods are not much to speak of.

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