First and Second of July

What a weekend.

Had a bunch of friends over to celebrate Canada Day / (early) Fourth of July / housewarming. On the menu were as North American as I could cook up in a tiny kitchen and on a budget: nachos, chicken wings, sliders, poutine, apple pie, beers & drinks. Even tried my hand at whipping up pineapple soju (which was moderately successful).

Speaking of whips, I'm rather disappointed that the little plastic hand flew off ours in the midst of a rather entertaining drinking game, but I guess that's what you get for $79NT. At least it didn't snap in half like the $19NT one I bought (within seconds of stepping out of the store)!


Woke up late and spent some time with the siblings and chatted about everything and about nothing until the evening. It was really nice; what with everyone having different schedules, even getting three people together is a rare treat.

Dinner consisted of trying to finish the rest of the 5lb of ground beef in a pasta sauce. Tons of burger patties and other slider ingredients are still patiently waiting in my fridge: the plan is to make them extinct after the gym tonight, which of course will warrant many more trips to the gym!

All in all, a good weekend, plus the sudden realization that I'm off to Shanghai next week. But somehow, the glow from the weekend past still gets overshadowed by the intense depression that is a Monday of work.

Ooh, I just found this blog about tiny hamburgers! And perhaps a new place to visit when I'm in SF again!

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