The Great Taste of Lemon-Lime

I'm scooping lime-coated avocado flesh into the blender and whipping it into a guacamole-to-be. I give it a whiff, and it doesn't have that rich, creamy aroma that I love so much -- instead, it's kind of ... sour.

I make a slight face that my guac isn't turning out nicely, and my guests will be here in under an hour. My sister sees me out of the corner of her eye as she continues to dice the jalapenos.

"Something's very not right about this," I comment.
"Did you put in enough lime?"
"I think I put too much, actually."

We followed Alton Brown's suggestion of coating the avocado in a bowl of fresh lime juice and then fishing it out, but this result really doesn't seem right.
"Really? How much is there?"
"A whole lemon's worth."

She stops dicing, and gives me this look: would I like to review the past 10 seconds and conjure up a different statement? I stand there, basking in the bright glow of realizing what just came out of my mouth. She knows she doesn't need to, but she adds the verbal nail to my coffin of stupidity anyway:
"A lemon's worth ... of lime?"

D'oh. I almost felt like I was asking for change.

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Princess Taj said...

That's a riot!!!!

Back in February, when I was attending training, a group of us (including Scott) went to a Japanese steak house where they cook the food on a grill right in front of you.

The chef threw food onto the grill, and I exclaimed, "That's the biggest shrimp I've ever seen!!"

This statement came falling out of my mouth at the very moment I realized it was actually a lobster tail - not a shrimp.

The look on Scott's face was priceless.

.......Taj....always entertaining....