The Remaining Few

When the majority of us started blogging -- which happened more or less around the same time in mid-2003, or 2004 for the latecomers -- we were all posting quite regularly. Every morning, I was treated to observations, thoughts, emotions, and stories from so many friends (mostly centered around the West Coast). I felt connected to those friends (both real and online) across the ocean and in distant lands.

But then, suddenly
something happened. And what now?
Everyone stopped.

Now it seems like there's only a handful of us who are still writing with any frequency at all. What happened?

It can't be that nothing's happening in your lives. There's always something happening. And even if there isn't anything significant, there's always some thought or observation that must be interesting -- you can't all be as jaded in life as I am! As for having "no time to blog", it doesn't take but 2 minutes to throw up a few sentences and then be off.

Because now, my morning blog roll consists mainly of opening all the blogs and then closing 75% of them when I see that your 3-month old entry is still the latest one.


Momcy said...

Yeah, you tell them, BEN!

Rose said...

I've blogged 2 days in a row!! hehe...

Anonymous said... lay the guilt on thick.

I will update. Today. I promise.

Even though I have nothing to report about my meaningless existence - I will update anyway.

Ben said...

Momcy, what are you talking about?? You're as guilty as the rest of them! But I'm going to let you off the hook because you blogged (just once) recently.

Rose, but you can't leave us hanging for a whole week after you promise to tell us about your awesome then-upcoming weekend. Tease!

Taj, your stories are the best. And mostly because (I believe that) they're true, hahaha. Hurry and post, because I'm going to read blogs in a few.

The rest of you. Blog. Now. This public announcement has been brought to you by the Bored Crew.