Discomfort Zone

I've slowly begun to realize that my constant strive for trying to push the edge of my world, to expand my horizons, and to step out of my comfort zone are actually becoming counterproductive. Instead, I'm starting to find it's making me uncomfortable with wherever I am, with whatever I'm dealing with, because it's outside my normal comfy little bubble. And that's just leading me to be rather unhappy all the time, particularly with work.

And that's a big problem.

I mean, I don't regret that I've had the chance to live in three different countries extensively and to get to know those areas pretty well and understand how each runs with different societal systems. It sure makes me appreciate the various aspects of the myriad regions. But with each stride into another unknown (to me) territory, I can't help but feel I'm getting further and further away from where I really want to be (and won't admit to myself), like I'm deviating more from what I imagine my life plan should be.

So the question is, do I continue to push this personal envelope until the manilla glue flap bursts? Or do I put a stamp on the corner, hide back in the envelope, and mail myself back to the cozy retreat of a life familiar to me?

Not really sure what the answer is.
And not even really sure how to find it.


Rich and Angel said...

The end of your universe is also the beginning of a new one.

Maybe you've pushed your personal development to the point where the next step is to grow wings on your back and fly?

There's also the whole what begins in Vancouver ends in Vancouver thing too. Perhaps your 1/4 to 1/3 life crisis has reached its fruition and now it's time to return to a life of complacency only to have you stir sh*t up again when you're 50?

Anonymous said...

unhappy with work = miserable time in T town?

have you given your new territory a real chance?

James said...

Think of it more like a buffet. You get a chance to sample a little bit of everthing so you can decide what you like best. You need to make your decisions carefully because sampling each section requires some resource (time and commitment). Too much sampling and there isn't anything left to enjoy what you really like.