Being the Bad Guy

What a morning. It started practically at midnight, when I checked my work email to find a serious email/letter (paraphrased) from management:

The management of [ye olde company] has decided that [manager] can't enter company premises, with immediate effect. You are to restrict his access to the premises and network, and get all the company stuff back from him. Inform the employees.

Okay, maybe a little background is in order here about the recent unrest underground. I won't point specifically to the entries, but I'll tell you the first one was (exactly) mid-May and each one afterwards followed almost exactly every seven days.

So anyway, this morning, I strolled into the office and started the tasks:
- access card disabled (but not deleted)
- email acct password changed, all emails fwd to me
- called him (he didn't answer, SMS'd me back)

And he's still being a prick about it all. Ah, well. I've never done something like this before. What other steps should I be taking? Some advice here, please!


Kevin said...

Get two big beefy black guys in tight shirts to stand at the front door.

Chances are, if he's a little pissed, he probably wouldn't want to go back to your office anyway.

Make sure the employees know that he cannot be allowed back on the premise without you being there. Even if he's just "going to get a few things". And then watch over him like a hawk (in sort of a "haha, sucker" kind of way) when he gets anything he needs.

Make sure the company stops paying for his phone bill.

Rich and Angel said...

You forgot to do some very important things:

1. Covertly get yourself an extra access card.
2. Create a secret admin account.
3. Copy an extra set of keys for yourself.

Never know what may happen in the chain of events.