Shifting Gears

[ I just remembered that I have tons of drafted blog topics. I mean tons of stuff that I started and was saving for posting at another time. Basically, I could have absolutely nothing new happen in my life for about two years, and still post a new topic or thought every day or two. ]

Here's something I found in my drafts, originally written January 28, 2004. It was when I guess I was wondering what else was out there in the world for me. And I was starting to feel a little depressed with what I had -- or hadn't, given my mindset at that time -- accomplished in my life.

moving to another city.
am i afraid of starting over?
of losing my friends here?
and what of my lifestyle?
we're creatures of habit.

Interesting. And here I am, two and a half years later, living across the ocean in a vastly different world ... and contemplating the

Interesting indeed.

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Momcy said...

"Always look ahead and learn from the past!" Easy said than done! Do we really learn from the past?!