Weekend Past

Social gatherings -- and meeting over meals or drinks (alcoholic or non) -- is now becoming an expensive pasttime.

I'm sorry, but fondue bourguignonne isn't "real fondue" in my book, no matter the authenticity nor deep, rich culture that it may have come from. I mean, we're really just deepfrying our own food. That doesn't really justify the inflated price, does it?

Okay, the souffles -- two: pineapple-vanilla and chocolate -- were pretty delicious, and the chocolate fondue was quite nice as well (even for a non chocolate fan). But the lobster bisque was some kind of mutant version -- either that, or the lobster was not feeling well at time of death. Okay, I know what you're saying.

"Well, duh, no lobsters feel well when they're dying. They're dying."

You know what I mean.

Anyway, I'm sorry, but I'm a fickle consumer. And if you're going to pass yourself off as fine dining, you'll have to serve up more than decent old-fashioned decor. This place didn't rank for me. That meal was not worth $1600NT ($50US) per person, in my silly little opinion, and I felt a bit like Rachel/Joey/Pheobe at Monica's dinner at "somewhere nice".

Or maybe it's just me, because two people at the table were making those extra-animated-so-everyone-is-clear-I'm-really-enjoying-this-food sounds. Maybe it's just me.


Anonymous said...

What I find really annonying are people that exclaim how delicious something is the precise moment it hits their tongue...even before they have had the chance to chew and actually TASTE the food. These people are over-reactive liars...burn, burn, burn!


Ben said...

I never do that "cooking show" reaction. The one where I'm still holding the half-bitten morsel in my mouth and making that "mmmmm" then close-my-eyes-and-have-a-tiny-food-orgasm kind of emotion. If it's good, my reaction is usually more muted, and I'll enjoy the food for what it is, in its flavour-storm form.

I will, however, admit that I've been known to be eating some of my all-time favourites and do a little i-love-this-food-so-much dance to myself. And that's why I'll never have my very own Food Network show.