The Commute

After my move, here are the stats for my weekdaily commute. I used to live about 3.5km from work, taking about 11-15 minutes on my scooter. Now I'm slightly further away (5.5km), and it takes between 15-23 minutes to get there.

Of course, as my luck would have it, my first day going to work from the new apartment was the fastest. All the planets aligned for me, and the traffic lights all turned green like I was Bruce Almighty. Fooled me into thinking my daily commute would only be 15 minutes!

All said and done, the time isn't too bad. But it sure would be a lot better if I were in the safety (and climate controlled environment, with music) of a car for that time. Problem is, if I were in a car, my commuting time would likely double.

Anyway, I gotta get to work now; off to the aforementioned commute!


Cyrus said...

3.5km in 15min? wow, must be a lot of lights, because taking a bike would be just about as fast if not faster... but I remember doubling up with Kev on his scooter and you have to deal with some pretty crazy sh-- on the roads.

Ben said...

Well, each red light could easily add another minute to your commute; 2 or 3, if you have to make a red turn and you hit that light!

(Scooters have to do a two-stage left turn, which basically means one green light gets you into the position to wait for the light in the direction you want. Maybe my brother can explain it better.)

This morning, I almost got a ticket for making a direct left turn, but I spotted the cops and stopped at the light instead. Whew.

Anyway, on the way to work, there's ... 14 or 15 traffic lights (some major some minor), and 3 left turns to be made. But I'd have to be in pretty sh!tty luck to hit all of them red; haven't yet so far!