Going Up, Up in the World

I hate when little kids step into an elevator with you, and then proceed to play with all the buttons, meaning that your ride to the 10th floor now includes a scenic tour of every other floor up to it. Sure, it's funny when Will Farrell does it in Elf to make a Christmas tree shape with all the lights, but then I didn't have to endure stopping at all those floors.

So the next time you step into a newer elevator -- let's say, built in the past few years -- try this.

1. Press a floor; it should light up.
2. Double-press it again (like a double-click).

Does the that floor's light go out (turn off)? It does here in Taiwan.

I never knew about this option before when I was living in North America, but it seems to be built into every modern elevator here in Taiwan. I wonder if I just never knew, or if it's some kind of requirement that elevator riders place on their lifts here. Either way, it sure helps for when your finger slips to the wrong floor.


Rose said...

That is pretty cool Benben. Too bad we haven't quite caught up here in N.America on the tech.

Kevin said...

Yeah, it's a nice feature. Actually, in most of the ones I've seen, just double-clicking isn't enough. The sensor-type buttons require a press-and-hold before turning off.

I remember being in an elevator by myself not that long ago. And I was stopping at, say, the 8th floor. Then, since I was alone, just for kicks, I decided to press the button to the top floor. Low and behold, when the doors of the elevator opened at the 8th floor, someone was getting on to go down. AWKWARD. Well, I turned the corner pretty quick. Uh... wasn't me.

Ben said...

So, Rose, you tried it? It doesn't work?

Kev, I'm gonna try that press-and-hold method next time on the sensor-type ones.

I hate when people interrupt my farting schedule when I'm in the elevator. I have a strict regimen that shouldn't be disrupted! Can't they understand that?