Shoes of Notre Dame

Question. I'm assuming the blame lays with the shoes, but are all women's feet somewhat deformed?


Anonymous said...

Mine aren't.

I think it's more common to see men with deformed feet.

And why on God's green earth are you thinking about feet?????

Kevin said...

I think more likely here in Taiwan, yes. In N.A., I think women value comfort a little more, and are a little more "ruggedized" - i.e. they'd be fine with wearing runners to work if they could.

Ben said...

Well, I was looking around at all the pointy shoes in Taiwan -- it's a style the ladies seem to like, these elf-point dress shoes. And I started to realize that inside everyone of them that I see on the street, lies a foot that is probably grossly calloused on the toe-knuckles and the toes themselves have been squashed into a pointed existence.

I'm sure it happens on all continents, but with the elf style phenomenon happening here, I imagine it's a more acute problem. It's no wonder the ladies here enjoy foot massages a lot more often than I had even heard of back home: they need it to counter the ill effects of wearing shoes that only people with two toes should be donning.

- Ben (so glad I'm a man)

fashion said...

yeah!...i too agree with your comments on's more common to see men with deformed feet.