The Squeeze

Ever since I came back from my (personal) Shanghai trip, things at work have been going awry. Big political games are going on, and the power struggles ensuing reach all the way to the top of the international network (one or two levels up from me). I should be clear right now about one thing:

I hate politics.

With a passion. I hate the kind in offices, and the kind in government. I simply have no interest in the subject and most of the time, I find it just gets in the way of real work to be done, or real life to be enjoyed. To understate it, I seek to avoid it as much as possible.

But it seems that politics has instead sought me out to play. And I don't wanna.

I have a feeling that our visiting colleagues from HQ have decided they would like to take over this office. I have a feeling that they are masterminding some information flow and different stories to create a little confusion in their favour. I have a feeling that -- because I'm really tired of playing in this stupidity -- they will eventually win this battle.

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Rose said...

poor benben... i feel the same way as you do about politics. hope it all works out for you...