Darting Around

I've been frequenting a darts pub/bar lately. Yeah, you heard right. It's a bar that has some 6 electronic (soft-tip) dartboards in it, and you go there for food (which I heard ain't bad) or drinks (Boddington's on tap) or just to shoot darts. It's called Duckbill, and now all the employees there know us by name.

So anyway, it really caught on amongst a bunch of us guys, and some weeks later, we all bought our own darts instead of playing with the "public" plastic ones, and now we're all in a team competition against other semi-beginners. We're one step short of having team shirts made and creating a secret handshake to give us the illusion (to ourselves) that we're cool. Although, to my dismay, we did quite by accident develop the most stupid-looking hat trick celebration dance.

Well, I wouldn't call it a dance so much as a goofy wobble on a drunken horse.

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