Big Brother Notice

About a week ago, a little sign appeared in my apartment building elevator, almost exactly at eye-level, above the buttons, in a colour that contrasted starkly from the dark wood-panel of the wall. In large letters, it broadcasted something to the tune of:

"Monitored by security camera. Mgmt."

I can only begin to imagine what kind of events must have been witnessed on the security cameras -- which I'm sure have been there since forever -- to warrant a clear notice like that.

What do you think happened?


Princess Taj said...

Gay Anal Sex. With animals. And the elderly.

I'm gross.

Kevin said...

I wouldn't have gone that far... but I would have guessed a couple making out in the elevator.

Ben said...

Taj, normally I would just chime in and agree with your response ... but this elevator, it's kind of small. Oh, unless by animals, you didn't specifically mean a goat or sheep.

I would have thought it was something even less sinister than making out. Could even have been someone shamelessly picking their nose, or too obviously scratching their crotch (down the pants and inside). You know, for when you think you're alone and not really being watched. It's perfectly normal. Uh, isn't it?

Ce said...

Obviously it's nothing exciting that happened.. More like vandalism etc.

If it was something kinky and hot, then they sure as heck wouldn't put up the sign. That would result in lost revenues from the streaming webcam.