Hotpot Plan Shot

Some coworkers from HQ (the nice ones) had some spicy beef noodles the other day, and somehow had the idea and newfound confidence that they can handle spicy foods now. So they asked me what the "next level" is: tonight, we're going to a spicy hotpot (麻辣火鍋) place. What's more, one of the (backstabbing) coworkers invited herself and the other evil colleague ... and a friend as well. Wish I knew a nice way of saying,

"Actually, I don't want you there. Or your friend. Get away from me, you ... you ... you nasty name-dropping, office-politics-playing witch who's trying to take over my location."

Dammit. I'm already not looking forward to the burn, let alone their presence.


Nk said...

Well, depending on how annoying and evil that person and the other evil person are... you could've postponed the hotpot night. "Oh something came up, we'll have to go another time." And then, a) you set it up on a night they can't make it, or b) see if you can get away with them not finding out about it the second time. =)

Ben said...

Well, she (and her friend) ended up not going. That was good, because it left us as a bunch of guys hanging out.

Five guys at hotpot dinner.
Four white folks and me, sweating around a spicy hotpot.
Two of whom won't eat shrimp.
Three of whom don't eat innards.
Four of whom don't eat tofu.

Four white folks and me.

James P said...

Hmm, 4 white folks and me. That should either be a song, or a sitcom.

Four white folks and me
5 guys at dinner, singing karoake
4 of them are white
3 of them won't eat shite
2 of them are sweating profusely
1 of them is eating quite loudly
Yes, four white folks and me

-James P