Forced Entry, Forced Exit

Not in much of a blogging mood lately, but have been trying to force myself to write something anyway. You know, just to keep my blog routine continuous (instead of some people who just disappear for weeks on end). This is exactly one of those entries.

After yesterday's spicy hotpot -- which, by the way, was absolutely delicious and was not too spicy after all and didn't cause any immediate stomach disagreements -- this morning I felt it. At first, nothing wanted to come out, but I forced a few chunks out while playing Bomber (pun not intended but serendipitously accepted). And every exit was a scorcher.

Thought you'd like to know that as I head into the weekend. Hurray for Fridays!


Rich and Angel said...

Guilty as charged for not posting. Unfortunately, my not-so-sober nights in Lan Kwai Fong just aren't interesting enough to post and neither are the activities done during the recovery period.

I wish my life were more interesting so that I could find the time to post!

Momcy said...

(instead of some people who just disappear for weeks on end)!! That person couldn't be ME!