What is a wedding really about? That is, what is the day of the ceremony, banquet, and all that really mean, and who is it for? What would you consider most important during that event?


Anonymous said...

The ceremony, etc is just a formality, really - because in your heart, you have already decided to spend your days growing old with that person. You have consciously already made that commitment. I think this event is more of a show for the parents/family, to show them officially that you have made this big step. Also it gives parents a chance to have praise, whether deserved or not, lavished on them. I think if family and friends were not involved, most people would choose a low-key wedding. Does that give you more insight into my Phuket wedding, Ben?? :-)

Mike said...

Having been through it myself.. I can only give my personal perspective of it. The meaning of the ceremony might differ to others.

Now that I have the disclaimer out. To me, the eleborate wedding and all the planning work that went into it all served as both growing process for the two of us facing crisis after crisis together and as well as forcing us to go through various situations as a formal pair for life prior to getting married.

Having said that.. post wedding life is different than I could have ever imagined.. :)

Ceremony itself, really is for the couple who have put it together. I can say for certain that that was one of the most fun I have had in a day. It was also an opportunity for the two of us to declare our commitment publically to our friends and family under their blessings. I will not get into the question of how much value that is inherent with the public declaration vs. a private or secret one.. :)

Anonymous said...

It's all a show - well most weddings are. Centerpieces, and ice sculptures, and favors, and dinner, and thank you notes, and flowers and tuxes, and inviting people you would normally care less about but your mom says you have to so you have to.....

Give me an island, the sand, someone to marry us, and then a kick ass party (complete with beer and BBQ) after the ceremony, and I'm a happy duck!!

That's just my opinion.

Ce said...

"What would you consider most important during that event?"

Two words: open bar.