Semi-Random Flashbacks

They've been getting "worse" recently. Every so often -- pretty much once every two days now -- during the most random of times, an image flashes across my mind in the most random of ways.

Sometimes, it's a picture of sunny Castro Street in Mountain View, California. Sometimes, it's an image of spanish Banks with downtown Vancouver, Canada, in the background. Once in a while, it's the view of thick fog rolling quickly over the peninsula mountains around Pacifica, California. At times, I catch a mental glimpse of SFU on Burnaby Mountain. Or even a scene around Sunnyvale's Chipotle and Starbucks.

What's not as random is what is flashing through: always a snapshot view of the more comfortable (more free) lifestyle that I used to have.

Clearly, it's a stronger urge that is trying to tell me how much I miss home. Hopefully, the vacation back to Vancouver and SF and LA will tone that down a bit.


Kevin said...

Though, I wouldn't be surprised if your visit back magnified the effect. When you come back to Taiwan, you'll dread this smoggy lifestyle.

James P said...

Heh, people underestimate the power of the fog. It's like a soothing, comfortable blanket. A cold blanket, but comfortable. So are you ever going to move back to the bay?

Nk said...

I can vouch for Kevin's comment. After 12 days at home, in glorious weather and in great company, I hated coming back soooooo much. I was miserable for a month and questioned everything here.

head dump said...

I attribute my recent flashbacks to the change in weather. The crisp morning air and browning leaves are one of the few similarities the Bay has with Vancouver. So when I'm out running in the morning and I come across a trail with a few hints of orange I immediately think of home. I miss it, but when I'm there, I can't stand it. Too many memories that are impossible to return to, so I just want to get out of there and move on with my life.
see you in October?