We all know the lame old jokes and quips that have been around since dirt. What we can't seem to figure out, however, is why people keep using them. And I think you know the kind of ancient half-humour I'm talking about:

"Give me a second."
"Okay: one. Second's up."

Classic jokes, these are not; they have just been around for a long time, and not because they were particularly good. No, nobody finds them funny anymore. Plus, I mean, if you're on the receiving end of one of these blasts from the past, what do you say to something in response? Can you combat fire with fire?
"Oh, you're so funny, I forgot to laugh."

Then suddenly, you've just responded in kind. Now don't you feel cool. Loser.

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James said...

I think it's funy that Your Momma jokes have made a comeback with the MTV show Yo Momma! And I really like the show too!

BTW, the problems of beta blogger users and non beta blogger users being able to comment on each others blog should be fixed now.