I Hate Mondays

I hate Mondays. With a passion.

I thought I would like today's a little more because today is the glorious last day that some of our HQ coworkers are in town -- they fly out tonight, one of them isn't coming back, and the other will be gone for almost two weeks. But it turns out that that little bit of joyous news isn't enough to overcome the dark Mondayness of Monday bearing down on my week.

It feels like it's the Monday of Mondays. The Monday of all mothers of all Mondays. And if you really think about it, that's a lot of Mondays of which this cream of the crop Monday has risen to the top. It's like the Fifth Element for Mondays, the ultimate Monday.

Well, at least it's not raining, even if it is scorching. And tonight, another darts match. Yes, the justification of my existence is now reduced to throwing little pointy things at a plastic board.


Ben said...

Lovely. After a quick episode of lightning and thunder, the Monday has now bestowed upon us its mammoth display of really heavy rain.

Hey, weird, looking out my window, I can actually see rain falling in two different directions! (That is, some are falling down rightwards, and some parts are falling leftwards slanted to the ground. Neat.)

Princess Taj said...

Mondays. Blow. Period.

Ce said...

Speaking of weather... so why did you leave the best city in the world to live in TW? Weather here at home has been wonderful - all the time.

Ben said...

Mainly because I didn't want to live completely in my hometown, not having ever experienced life in any other city.

Weather today has returned to its normal warmth, and the rain did cool down the city some, so it's better today.

Plus, it's no longer Monday.