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So I went online and booked a rental car for my trip to San Francisco / Los Angeles in October. I think I got a pretty good deal -- under $100 USD for 5.1 days, plus taxes and fees. First common question:

"What kind of car did you get? You should rent a [insert impractically expensive type of rental vehicle here, like an SUV, convertible, dump truck, etc.]

No no, it's really just a simple mode of transportation so that I don't have to wait for the bus or Caltrain or whatever. And for the joy of driving, which I thoroughly love. Here's what I got.
Compact: Dodge Neon (or similar)

You see, it's that last part that worries me a bit. Because I wish they would just list out the possible cars they have. They're a car rental company, and they buy fleets of cars; I think they should have a really clear idea on exactly which cars they have. Shouldn't they?? Can't they just say it would be one of ... "Dodge Neon, Ford Focus, or Toyota Corolla"? Then at least I can know it's not some other car they consider "similar" but I wouldn't.

A little info, that's all I ask.

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miscmusings said...

wait! you're coming back? When?!! I hope I'm in town!!!