These stupid typhoons, what a flop.

Three typhoons formed and organized themselves in as many days -- Maria, Saomai, and Baopha -- all headed towards us on the east coast of Asia. And while Maria was headed earlier and more towards Japan, weather reports warned that the other two could join forces into a Voltron of twin typhoons to batter us. And they were coming in quick.

Again, with our fingers and toes crossed, we watched after work as the rains poured harder and harder. Then, one by one, the news channel weather tickers announced that we'd all have to show up for work today. Now that we're at work, rains are coming down hard, but only in waves.

Look, typhoons, get your acts together: either rain super hard so we get a typhoon holiday, or don't rain at all. Especially on weekends, don't rain at all.

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