Get a Grip

I have a big client meeting tomorrow, and half of it will be on the golf course. I haven't picked up a golf club since I left my set in California some 2 years ago. So naturally, yesterday, I figured I better hit up the driving range in search of my lost natural swing.

Instead, I managed to get myself all sweaty in the 33C weather, rent a nasty 7-iron and a driver, and work through 55 balls before rubbing off a good chunk of my ring finger skin. And with the current weather conditions, we may not get to play golf tomorrow in the end.


Kevin said...

Now, you're not leaving blood marks in my glove, are you?

Anonymous said...

How's the finger???

Ben said...

No, no blood on your glove; it was just a flap of bloodless skin when I found the finger. It didn't bleed at all, not even afterwards.

The finger right now is okay, and we played golf anyhow, even with the threat of two typhoons coming on us. We played in the cloudy/rainy weather and dodged huge water bullets in between holes. Of course, I had to fake my golf grip completely, and mostly played like a baseball player.

Note to self: Happy Gilmore's technique doesn't work unless you're starring in that movie.