Dishing It

Okay, so I'm somehow strangely interested in cleaning order. But humour me anyway: what order do you do the dishes in?


KT said...

Cutting boards, plates (they are easy), bowls, cups, pots, colanders, utensils. Always in that order. They stack better that way.

Momcy said...

You should always clean your glasses, cups, coffee/teapots first, this way there wouldn't be any grease wash into them!

Anonymous said...

Glasses (b/c they break easily), plates, bowls, utensils.

Ben said...

Well, I used to just use the dishwasher, and I have a particular way of arranging the dishes in there too (just ask my ex-roommate S), but that's another story.

I usually do this order:
- glasses/cups, because they're simple and I want to get them out of the way before the greasy stuff comes into play
- plates and bowls, because of stacking order (like kt)
- utensils, because they're not really that dirty usually, and have their own storage cup to dry
- pots, and i put them back on the stovetop (off) to dry
- cutting boards, so they stay out of the way most of the time until i've cleaned them and wiped down the counter

Anyway, most of my dishes are just cups/glasses now, and the occasional bowl.

Momcy said...

Ben, you don't need a WIFE! You do OK by yourself! You might drive your wife crazy!