Shower Power

Let's get some more granularity on a previous topic. All of us have had some 20+ years' experience in showering ourselves. Humans are creatures of habit, and that is plenty of time to develop some. Do you find that when you shower, you've gotten into a specific shower routine? Do you always do things in a certain order?

My morning shower routine is this.

- shower water on (needs to "pre-heat")
- take Scope
- shampoo the hair
- gargle and spit Scope (you need 30 seconds)
- rinse shampoo, apply conditioner
- body wash
    - chest
    - arms (left, then right)
    - torso (front)
    - back
    - legs (right, left)
    - extra run over neck and throat (dunno why)
- facial cleanser
- brush teeth and tongue
- final rinse

Then I'm out of the shower, and it's time for drying ...

- head/hair, face
- torso (front)
- fun parts
- back
- arms (left, right)
- legs (left, then right)
- Q-tips for the ears

What's yours? Not necessary to provide specifics that we might not want to know (ie. don't detail the "fun parts" unless you have something to point out).

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