I've had my amazing Braun Multiquick Professional MR5550HC-BC handblender -- which, contrary to its name, is a blender you hold in your hand and not a machine to blend your hand up -- for about three weeks now. With this wonderful power-tool-for-the-kitchen, I make smoothies at home in the morning.

It's amazingly simple: pieces of frozen fruit (whatever flavour of the day my taste buds call for that morning), a banana cut into pieces, some milk and a healthy helping of honey.

I grab the whole mixing beaker (which is like an oversized tumbler), poke a straw in it, and I'm out the door! This tasty, carb-loaded concoction costs me under a dollar in materials to make each morning, which totally beats out the $4.50 for a Jamba Juice. And it keeps my tummy full at least until 11:30am (which is my first lunchtime).

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