... Another Dollar

Huh. Something new everyday.

- Since returning from my vacation, I now have fruit flies in my apartment too. Taking action to remove them (from this world).

- The other day, I spotted a fat cockroach in my apartment, scampering along the corner behind the desk -- it's only the second sighting in my place since I moved in, but to me cockroaches are unacceptable. My friend killed it while I pranced around and screamed like a schoolgirl.

- My Kenneth Cole belt broke, and I don't have another black dress belt. (This might also double as a sign of a growing gut, but let's take one issue at a time, hmm?) And the pants I'm wearing today are too loose to hold up on their own.

- More pressure from work, and the directors -- in their infinite wisdom and eagerness to do something -- are doing exactly the wrong something, which makes me question whether they are really trying to help this location or if they are playing a larger game with ulterior motives.

- I don't really feel like celebrating my birthday. Year over year, I don't know if my life is improving or not.

Blah. It's just another blah kind of day, I guess. Ah, well, I'll get over it.


Anonymous said...

Let's get you a new belt as your b-day present then.

-the bugbuster

Van said...

ew i hate bugs. and yeah life is blah.